Gas Safety Certificates

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that a poor gas connection or a faulty gas appliance can cause serious problems, which is why it’s important that the correct steps are taken to make sure the chances of a gas problem are kept to a minimum. Ensuring a property is safe from any gas related problems can be achieved through regular gas safety checks and gas safety certificates.


Gas Safety Certificates in the UK

There are a number of gas safety regulations in the UK, all of which have been put in place to ensure homes and workplaces that have a gas connection are safe to use at all times. One of the most important of these is the Landlords Gas Safety Certificate, which works to ensure that all rented accommodation throughout the UK provides gas applications and gas flues that are safe for use. The Landlords Gas Safety Certificate is a legal requirement, requiring all gas appliances within a rental property to be checked once a year; these checks are to highlight any problems or faults. As well as the Landlords Gas Safety Certificate letting landlords know that the property’s gas connection is safe, it also lets tenants know that the necessary checks have been completed.


However, it’s not just rental accommodation that should be checked regularly. In fact, all types of property should have gas safety checks undertaken regularly to make sure there’s nothing to worry about. This includes any workplaces, hotels, schools, hostels and community buildings that have a gas connection. All gas safety checks within the UK must be completed by professional, registered engineers. Not only does this ensure that everything is checked to a high standard, but it also allows tenants and homeowners to relax knowing that their gas appliances and gas flues have been looked at by a professional.


Professional Heating Services

Here are Professional Heating Services, we take safety extremely seriously. Whether it’s ensuring a boiler is in correct working order or making sure a building has had the correct checks, we work hard to help our customers keep their homes as safe as possible. To find out more about gas safety certificates, get in touch. Contact Professional Heating Services today on 0134 430 1232 or via the online contact form.